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I wanted to communicate what a fantastic job Sarah has done for the Marketing and Communications team in supporting rollouts of both the CSI and SBI rotational programs. Both programs are "firsts" so there are many questions around various components; that result in many "changes." The programs are also sponsored by senior partners so the scrutiny has been intense. Throughou countless iterations, Sarah has remained calm, helpful, cooperative, and incredibly professional. Her performance reflects positively for your entire team. Patrice has raved about Sarah for weeks and I had the pleasure of working with her this week on our most recent fire drill. She's awesome. We appreciate the help (and the spirit in which it was offered) very much!

Stephanie Bolick, CSI Project, June 17, 2005

Hi Sarah; What a thoroughly marvellous job! I am completely impressed with your
terrific work. This far exceeds my expectations, not only for the exceptional quality of the workmanship, but also for the speed with which you accomplished the project.
Please accept our sincere thanks for your valuable help, Sarah.

Cheers; Bob

Sarah, I just wanted to say thanks for the great work you did on the banners. They came out just the way I had hoped they would. I showed them to our stadium committee (including some of the University architects) meeting this afternoon and they all agreed that the banners looked great. Thanks again for excellent work.


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